Moving House In The Rain ???

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At this time of year heading into storm season there is a higher chance of rain affecting the removal process.



The complications are not just the possibility of items and belongings being damaged by the wet weather, yet also the possibility that health and safety of our men may be jeopardized.
Although all our team are experienced in Moving in bad conditions we ask you to help them out when ever it is possible.Moving in the rain tends to take longer than usual, as the men will need to pause whenever they recognise there may be an Health and Safety issue therefore if there’s something you can do to help, then we would be very thankful.

So there are a couple of things you can do to help:
1. If by any chance you have a few old blankets or sheets laying around the house, use them to protect the floor, especially for wooden floor as they are not waterproof. This will reduce the possibility of anyone from tripping on wet floor and bringing in an out muddy foot prints. However for carpet flooring, it is always a good idea to purchase an appropriate carpet protective sheet.
2. We know this is something that cannot always be done, but if you could ensure the boys have an easy access to the property and belongings in order to reduce the walking distance and awkward positions. This will reduce the possibility of someone getting hurt or damaging the items and reduce the removal time meaning you saving money.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, we always want to Move U safely to your new home.