Moving Pot Plants with Move U Removals !!!

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Moving pot plants 🌱🌴🌿🌻🌺
Move U removals are happy to move your large pot plants but only if they are dry , no infestation of insects and you understand that they could get damaged in the move due to being fragile in nature.
Soil holds on to water for an extended period of time. Moving a large potted plant right after watering will greatly increase its weight, making it harder, if not nearly impossible for removalists to lift. We recommend that you refrain from watering your plants 1-2 days before your move.
Plants are considered fragile items in terms of moving as they are susceptible to high temperatures and getting crushed in transit. Many removal services will not load plants onto their trucks due to their delicate nature, and if they do, damage to your precious flora is never insured. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you bring your plants inside your own vehicle.